Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nursery Tour (Turning A House into a Home) Part 7

The past month has been busy. My due date was November 3rd. I figured my son would be late, but it's the 14th and still  no sign of him. I've stayed busy, the kitchen is nearly complete. the living room is at a good place and several other big projects have been completed - not the least of which is that Blair and I are now fully moved into our house.

Here's hoping Jack comes tomorrow so we can bring him home to the room we've made for him, it's been filled with some pretty special things:

We turned our consignment store find from this, into this:
The giant bear is something Blair had to have for Jack :) the bumper with the forest animals and the crib skirt were made by my sister who is very excited to become an Auntie.

More crib decoration handmade by Auntie Casey!

Snuggle buddies
The polar bear is from me and Blair and the crochet bear is from my sister-in-law, Ashley, she also made him two quilts!

Quilt #1

Quilt #2
Oh and my mom made the best mobile ever for Jack:

The animals match the ones my sister put on the bumper :)

So that is Jack's little crib and love that went into making it!
As for the rest of the room we took a dresser given to us by my sister and her husband and ...


We painted it the same color and filled it up with baby clothes and diapers :

Blair hung the art work my aunt made for Jack's room above the dresser and I found the cute hamper at Wal-mart for $9! We tossed a changing pad on top and called it good.

Remember the giant shelves in the living room from the demolition?

We up-cycled some into this:

Baby books and extra storage!

So there you go! A picture filled tour of most of Jack's room, we have a rocking chair in one corner and a few pictures to hang up, but its all ready for our little boy!