Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turning a House Into a Home (Part 9)

About 3 years before we bought this house, a huge dust devil came rampaging through the neighborhood (New Mexico's version of tornadoes) and tore the carport roof off and flung it up onto the house roof, leaving just the posts outlining the cement pad. Later another dust devil flung the carport roof into the front yard. 

Despite this, only a few shingles were damages and there are (surprisingly) no leaks. Still, the roof needed replacing. Oh, wait I forgot to mention the giant hail storm that hit Belen 4ish years ago. My parents got a new roof after that. It is metal and more energy efficient. Which is why we decided to put up a metal roof on this house as well. 

We went back and forth between a red or green roof, before picking the sage green.

At some point, a new carport roof will be built and all the brown trim and garage door will be painted a hunter green. Also the two solar panels peeking over the back have been taken down. We only got the front of the house done before baby and a long cold snap. 

In case you were wondering how you put on a sheet metal roof...

First you have to get each piece up on the roof

Then you have to line up the edge with the top and bottom of the roof, and no roof is perfectly angled.

Then someone (Blair) has to hold the piece in place while Dad  put in screws and  Mom made sure it stayed even.

Once the first piece is on, it goes much faster

The key is to use the right screws for attaching the metal to the roof and the sections to each other. The wrong screws were used on the first piece and when the spring winds hit I heard a banging. The roof was blowing off! I have no pictures because Mom, Blair and I were all making sure it got screwed back down. With the right screws this time. 

It's been to windy to finish the back side of the house, you don't want to be holding a flat piece of metal in strong winds, it would pull you right off the roof like a parachute. Soon though, we hope to get it finished before it gets hot. Roofing in the summer sucks.