Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Vacation: Angel Fire 2015

The getting ready for baby number two has started to feel a lot like getting ready for Jack - lots of construction taking place! we are working hard on enclosing the back porch... so we can convert the breezeway into a living space so that we can turn the third bedroom into an office for Blair so he won't always have 12 hour days. Not to mention getting Jack's room ready to be a nursery/toddler room. We have two months left to finish!

 In the meantime Blair has settled into his new job and we've bought our first car. We decided we should take our first family vacation before the baby came. We went to Angel Fire and Eagle's Nest lake. One of my favorite places to go in the summer, with 60-50 degree weather, it is a nice break from the heat! Plus, it is only 3 hours from home, making it a good get away place when you are 32 weeks pregnant and only have the weekend to go somewhere.

We took a lovely drive up to the Palisades after clouded up and and began to rain... But we found sunshine. Jack chased a chipmunk and we did not have the kid who fell into the stream - this time... (I know it is coming!)

And stopped at a tiny "museum" on our way back to enjoy the lovely scenery, which also made for some nice family pictures.

And I reveled in the wildflowers - I'd love a garden like this.

 And visitor center's are great for free kid's maps (a huge hit) and coloring pages. Plus who can say no to playing in a sandbox while you learn about wildlife tracks?

And here is the deer that terrified Jack out of his mind... vicious isn't it?!

A walk in the rain after dinner made everything all better though.

We made it to the lake the next day before heading home. Pelican's hang out here...

 And my favorite photo from the trip... This one is going on the wall.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Days

And then it was May...

What we've been up too...


Mother's Day
A wedding (it was beautiful)
Road trip

Road trip games...

Photography at 80 mph


Hanging out at Great Grandpa's

Every time these two get together I see time flying by!

This boy had to stop and smell everyone of Great Grandpa's flowers

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Catching Up ...

I started off 2015 with a goal of taking a photo a day for a 365 project and to blog more regularly. And then this happened.

As deeply delighted as we are to be having baby number 2, I once again had a long bout of morning (all day all night) sickness. Computers and cameras did not happen. Neither did anything but the very basics of life. 

Blair has been busy with his final semester, work and trying to get insurance and his new job lined up. We had our first appointment on Wednesday and we found out two things... one, they changed our due date - currently we are 19 1/2 weeks along! This was a shock. As for the second item...

We are so excited to be having a second precious little boy!

Coming up in the next two weeks is graduation, Blair's new job and getting ready for this sweet baby. Jack is potty training and life is happening. I hope to write more as we work on discovering our new normal during this exciting time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top Photos Week 1 for 365

New Year, new resolutions, blah, blah blah.

I actually did pretty good last year. And in August  I started the 365 day photography challenge and found the most wonderful Facebook group to work alongside with (and I don't do Facebook that much anymore). With the holidays I tapered off - read stalled out. But this year? I am fully committed and excited!

At least once a week I'll be posting some of top photos. They aren't amazing, but they will be someday.

"May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me."

Jack rode his first bike...

First snow....

Moon rising out of a chimney

 Cows in the snow

More snow...

 Sandhill Cranes

Snowy Americana...