Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pagosa Springs and the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge

We woke up the first morning to Jack shouting "Balloon!" and pointing out the window. Apparently the resort we stayed next too launched an hot air balloon ride every morning right off our back porch - So every morning we watched it inflate and float away. It was a pretty cool vacation surprise. 

A vacation, to us, involves a lot of down time mixed in with the adventure. We found a used bookstore when we stopped in Santa Fe and stocked up. There was lots of green space for the boys to run/crawl around and we had a long slow morning before we took the boys to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park (Refuge). 

We saw 'Princess' the grizzly bear

They had food you could feed the ducks and goats and rabbits that roamed freely - Jack thought this was AMAZING!

The coyote was ALL about the pets from the handler

I'm not going to lie, seeing this mini horse colt? Made my day.

The wolf hybrids were not interested in anything but sleep in the noon sun

The boys got a stuffed animal as a souvenir - Bobcat (Jack's) now has to be tucked in and gets a kiss as well every night. 

I don't know what was so facinating, but it was so much fun to watch them play

Piggyback rides...

This is Zane's side smile, he gives it to all the grandmas so they coo at him

I don't know what the conversation was about - but it was serious

That evening after dinner we took a stroll along the river walk to see the hot springs and enjoy the weather. We also found a pirate ship playground to finish the day off with.

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